Restaurants with Pinzgau cuisine in Zell am See

Pinzgau cuisine and specialties on holiday

What could be nicer than ending a wonderful day with delicacies of the region? The Pinzgau is known for its traditional dishes and home cooking makes the mouths of its guests, water. Delicious Pinzgau cuisine will spoil your palate.

Restaurants with Pinzgau cuisine

  • Gasthaus Pfefferbauer
    Located high above Lake Zell and yet only a few minutes’ drive from the old town of Zell, Kasnocken, Pressknödel, Kaiserschmarren and Almpfand’l taste twice as good up in the mountains. In the fresh, seasonal, and mostly self-made products, one can practically taste the nature.
  • Ebenbergalm
    The rustic Alpine inn on the Schmittenhöhe invites lovers of Austrian cuisine to a culinary experience. Whether in the parlour or on the sun terrace, the Pinzgau hospitality is an experience for the mind and palate.
  • Berggasthof Enzianhütte
    Enjoy the silence of winter in absolute peace and quiet, this is part of the experience at the Enzianhütte located at 1,300 m up the mountain. The Enzianhütte is an ideal starting point for snowshoe hikes. After your sporting activity, the panorama of the mountains around Zell am See can be wonderfully enjoyed with delicious Pinzgauer specialties.
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Pinzgau specialities

Hearty, down-to-earth, tasteful, and varied, this is probably the best way to describe Pinzgau cuisine. Which dishes are you most looking forward to during your skiing holiday in Zell am See-Kaprun?


Hearty home cooking:

  • Kaspressknödel
  • Pinzgauer Krapfen
  • Pinzgauer Bladln
  • Kasnockandn
  • Bauerngröstl, Bauernbraten


Sweet Pinzgau specialities:

  • Kaiserschmarrn
  • Moosbeernocken
  • Zwetschenknödel

Augut, Farmshop Zell am See

During your skiing holiday in Zell am See, you will not only experience feelings of happiness from a sporting point of view but also from a culinary point of view.  In this region, the relationship between agriculture, tradition and nature is lived every day. The Augut Farm shop im Schmittental combines sustainability with healthy, handmade products of incomparable taste.


Hofladen Augut,

  • Cheese and butter
  • Beef, bacon, and smoked products
  • Jams
  • Schnapps and liqueurs
  • Beef and pork from our own cattle
  • Honey from our own bees

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the dishes are relatively simple, usually only requiring a few ingredients.

They will certainly be happy to pass on one or two tips.

It’s hard to say, it’s best to try them all and decide for yourself 😉